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Children's Entertainer and Educator

Athena Reich performing at New York Presbyterian Hospital for  Lollipop Theatre Network

Athena Reich performing at New York Presbyterian Hospital for Lollipop Theatre Network

Athena facilitated several of Lollipop Theater Network’s in-hospital Rhythm of Hope music sessions in NYC. At times, it can be challenging to get pediatric patients to participate but Athena was wonderful in engaging them and used creative and age/skill appropriate methods. Her charming and fun stage presence captivated patients, parents and staff alike. I highly recommend her for any music education program or performance!
— Evelyn Iocolano, Executive Director/co-Founder Lollipop Theater Network


  • Athena carefully selects songs and games that are interactive, imaginative, educational, and fun.
  • Athena teaches age appropriate "Best Start Practices" through theatre and music.  She carefully chooses activities that engage learning fundamentals such as socialization, communication, gross/fine motor skills and problem solving. For example, the musical game "Stop and Go" teaches socialization, self-regulation, taking direction, leadership and turn taking.
    • Athena's Early Years Childcare Program (infants - pre-schoolers) emphasizes body parts, emotional literacy, expression, communication, turn-taking, numbers, colours, self-regulation, symbolic play and more. 
    • The School Age curriculum expands upon self-regulation, problem solving, memory, patterning, games (with rules), gross/fine motor skills, numbers, literacy, working in groups and more.
  • Athena can offer either a one time session or a multi-week residency (3-20 weeks). Residencies offer the opportunity to develop and deepen relationships and skills.
  • Pulling from Athena's 10 years of experience as a curriculum writer and staff development educator through the New York City Board of Education, Athena engages the teachers in the learning of each new activity. She articulates the learning concepts, demonstrates the game or song, and encourages educators to take turns leading the activities. This enables teachers to achieve mastery over the curriculum, thereby providing new learning tools once the residency is completed. The staff development component is a unique and powerful advantage of this program. 
  • Athena alternates between guitar, ukulele, piano and singing a cappella with movement in order to engage participants and demonstrate a variety of instruments.
  • Athena brings her collection of shakers, scarves, drums, puppets and more for a hands-on experience which practices fine motor skills.
  • Children (and teachers) of all ages will be entertained by Athena's animated personality, exuberant smile and engaging age appropriate curriculum. Learn communication, socialization (and more!) through the joy of music and drama. 
Athena performed at our daycare and was a total hit. The kids (and staff) loved her. She had great classroom management skills and her curriculum was brilliant. I have never seen someone so capable of engaging our infants as well our pre-schoolers.
— Janet B., Daycare Supervisor, Brooklyn, NY

Athena Reich: Children's Entertainer

Athena Reich has been a children's entertainer and educator for over 20 years in hospitals, childcares, schools, birthday parties, mommy & me classes, corporate events, libraries and museums. She has performed for organizations such as Music for Aardvarks, Shadow Box Theatre, Lollipop Theatre Network, The Ontario Science Centre and more.

For over 10 years, Athena was a Master Teaching Artist and Curriculum Writer for the New York City Board of Education, with The Manhattan New Music Project. Along with a team of 5 other arts educators, Athena created, documented, implemented and taught music, dance, visual art and theatre curriculum geared towards improving communication and socialization skills among children with special needs. The team also trained and supervised New York City Teachers and Teaching artists to implement the program in their classrooms.

Athena is an award winning singer/songwriter who sings and plays piano, guitar and ukulele. Her original music is available on iTunes, Spotify and CDBaby. As an actress she has performed Off-Broadway in New York City, national tours, and in TV & Film.

Athena has recently moved from New York City back to her hometown of Toronto. She lives downtown with her toddler who loves to sing, dance and make-believe. 

Please visit for info on Athena as a performer. 

    RATES - Please inquire as prices vary based on location, number of weeks, and other specifics.

    Athena has incredible charisma and charm. She has a wonderful repertoire of songs and games that engaged a roomful of hyperactive kids at my son’s birthday party. And oh! What a voice!
    — Samantha, Josh's mom